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We would like to invite you to walk down a different road.  This road is straight and narrow. It is not an easy road to travel, but it does have a purpose and a destination. You will even get your own personnel travel companion to help you thru the bumps in the road.


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Welcome to True Heart Compassion Ministries! We are a ministry that shares the Good News of Jesus Christ with people around the world. Our goal is to teach them the practical principles of faith, obedience and blessings through daily communication with God and His Word.     

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We invite you to come out and spend some time in the word with us every Sunday morning starting at11:00am.

We meet at the Vero Beach Womans Club located at 1534 21st Street. Right across the street from the downtown library and Courthouse.

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They say that insanity is when you do the same thing over and over but you expect to see a different result. Many of us have been traveling down the same old road for years and expecting to experience new and exciting things, only to be disappointed by they same results. Maybe the trees grow taller or the seasons change but the end result is always the same.


The Road Less Traveled

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Don’t wait till Sunday to hear the word. Take a listen to the sermons and teachings from previous services. The word of God is never out of date.

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